Three: Assignments

To engage all the concepts covered in the course, our final assignment is a “rhetorical assemblage” that requires students to select an exigence and audience and compose an argument addressing that exigence. In doing so, they must assemble elements from at least five different texts to copy and transform in the assemblage or support their rhetorical argument. As most multimodal projects, student work can take any and forms as long as there is a justifiable fit between exigence, audience, and artifact. Accompanying this assemblage is a relatively lengthy 2000-2500 word reflection essay that attends to rhetorical situation, the use of media, mode, and genre, and how students copy and transform their source texts.

Assignment Prompt


VV: In order to dissuade her First-Year peers from texting while driving, VV made a two-sided flyer that remixes The Walking Dead with “text speak” and a bit of black comedy. Reflection.

AM: Speaking to the concerns of many a first-year student, AM argues for lowering the drinking age in the state of Florida, drawing on statistics, beer branding logos, and references to the popular comedy Superbad. Together, they form an analog assemblage of a poster, intended to be seen on campus and to rally students democratic action. Reflection.