Two: Assignments

The readings on multimodality and genre during the second unit of the course prepare students to remediate their genealogy essay into a new medium. Pragmatically, the assignment allows students to put the axiom of “copy, transform, combine” into action by carrying over the message of their essay into a new medium. In doing so, they also gain experience in new composing spaces. Accompanying the remediation is a 700-1000 word reflective essay in which students articulate their rhetorical choices, consider what is gained and lost in remediation, and navigate the relationships among media, genres, conventions, and modes toward the goal of meaning-making.

Assignment Prompt


JF: In this remediation, JF stages a fictional talk show segment with Owen Wilson’s character from Midnight in Paris, in which he recounts his bizarre evening of meeting artists like Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Picasso. Reflection.

BM: In this prezi, BM provides a visualization of his genealogy on the Spotify interface. Parsing out the interface with pop out boxes and directional arrows, viewers actually see the features that Spotify appropriated from other platforms. Reflection.